More Commuter Essentials

In continuation from my previous post about commuter essentials for the journey to work I am featuring some other items that no doubt all commuters will find essential. Some are actually quite basic but it’s usually the simpler thing that make the most difference.


They say that money makes the world goes round and when there is a major event that delays or cancels numerous trains at once, then cash will come in handy. If you need money for something to eat or drink if you’re stuck in London then you are going to be able to open up your choices if you have cash. Carry cash will mean you can spend £2 at the hot dog stall instead of £20 in pizza express. It’s also handy if you have to get off at a different station and need a shirt taxi or bus ride home. You don’t need much cash – I always make sure I have £20 on me.Cereal bars

Cereal bars

You can fit a 6 pack of cereal bars in any work bag and you will be glad that you did. If you’re in a rush and don’t have time for breakfast, the train has broken down and you’re hungry or you just need that extra bit of energy to get you through the day, cereal bars are the most convenient way to keep the pangs at bay. The great thing about them is that even if you buy the best of the best, they are only a couple of pounds

On a slightly different note I found this video on cheap train tickets while I was browsing Youtube. I’ll do a full write-up once I’ve got all the tips from it so that you can refer back to a static blog page at your leaisure. Enjoy.


Top commuter essentials

As a seasoned commuter (well I have been commuting for all four seasons now) I have come up with a list of some essential equipment that all commuters should have for their daily slog to work. Many commuters already have some if not all of these items, and it is not a definitive list, just useful things in my opinion. I’ll start today with my number one.

cup-flaskA travel flask

This is great not only for the cold weather but also for the warmer weather as well. If you’re addicted to coffee then this flask will keep it at a nice temperature for your entire commute to work. Fill it up again just before you leave work and you also have a nice hot beverage for the way home. I put soup in mine on particularly cold days and it really does warm the heart as well as the body knowing you’ve got a lovely cup of soup to keep you company at the train station. You can also carry a couple of cup-a-soup sachets in your bag and fill your flask up with hot water when you leave work. That way if the train is delayed for any reason you won’t be too upset as you can just add the sachet to your flask and you have an instant meal.

These travel flasks are only about £5 in supermarkets but personally I would consider spending more and getting something a bit better that will maintain a temperature for longer. I would say in terms of price this is the best value-for-money item that I take to work with me every day. The Money Saving Expert forums also have great ways to save money on the commute.