Cheap train ticket fraudsters

I stumbled upon this article earlier and it did annoy me:

As you can see it’s a couple of years old, but it was a related article on a similar story that I read today so I thought I would give it a read. It actually got me quite angry for many reasons. Firstly I hate people who steal. Whether you eat a grape in a supermarket or pull off a multi-million pound cyber fraud you are a thief and thieves are among the worst people in our society. Even worse are the ones that try to justify their actions by saying it is victimless or that they are stealing from the huge companies who don’t care about us. The fact is, why should anyone be entitled to something that does not belong to them?
The other thing that made me angry about this is the fact that – as a commuter – I shell out a considerable percentage of my monthly income towards my train fares. I am quite savvy when it comes to getting cheap train tickets as you will see in this article, but nevertheless I would still ideally pay even less for my journey to and from work. So it angers me that these three individuals think that they are better than people like me and many other London commuters who pay for the services that they utilise. What I find even more frustrating is that all three of these men earned more twice the amount of money that I do. And the fact that they were counterfeiting car parking ticket takes the biscuit in my opinion. I’m glad they got caught. That is one good thing about thieves they are usually greedy and often quite stupid. Rant over. Peace out


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