Pet hates: The ticket inspector

You may remember the other week I posted my pet commuter hate in a little rant on my blog. Well I didn’t think that I would be following it up so soon afterwards to be honest, but I suppose needs must. So my number two pet commuter hate is: The ticket inspector.

I appreciate that it can be a tough job being a ticket inspector. There probably isn’t much job satisfaction unless you like upsetting people and being verbally – or sometimes physically – abused by members of the general public. However this is part and parcel of that particular job in my opinion. Therefore if it’s not your thing, then don’t do it for a living. Just because you don’t like your job it doesn’t mean you should be a complete moron to everyone you come into contact with. Fair enough if someone is rude to you then you don’t have to like them, as long as you’re professional. However today I witnesses nothing but one-way sheer rudery from a ticket inspector towards a young mum who clearly doesn’t use public transport much.

I don’t know the full ins and outs of the story but it seemed as though the mum was going to some sort of appointment with her 1 year old son and they almost missed the train. It arrived before she had chance to purchase a ticket at the machine at Marble Arch, so she just jumped on knowing that an inspector would be able to give her a ticket on board. That he did, but it was for a considerably longer journey because she should have bought a ticket in the inspectors words. I swear they must be on commission or something. I bet if the young mum was a 6ft tall body builder the inspector wouldn’t charge any extra. Rant over for today – and it’s only Tuesday! I’m off to The Train Line now to book my tickets for the next month. Peace out.


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