Commuting pet hates!

Messy eater on the trainAs you may have read before on my blog, I am now a fully-fledged commuter. I spend at least 2 hours of my entire working day travelling to or from work. I don’t really mind it though, but that might only be because I haven’t been doing it for very long. I expect that after 10 or 20 years of commuting I will probably have lost all of my hair and will walk around with a permanent scowl on my face like many of the older commuters seem to have.

As I said though I don’t mind commuting, but there are a few things that do really get my goat. Just for a bit of fun on this hot Friday afternoon commute back home I thought I’d begin an ongoing list of commuter hates, starting with my number one and thing that has really annoyed me this afternoon.

People who eat. I am all for eating and drinking on the train as a small amount of food or drink does break up the journey, however smelly cooked food really gets on my nerves. There’s nothing worse than someone boarding the train with a smelly, greasy pasty or sausage roll. Not only does it make the entire carriage smell like a chip shop, but it also generates quite a lot of mess. The mess itself doesn’t bother me personally as I usually already have my seat or standing position, but I don’t like it when people are inconsiderate enough to leave their mess on a train. Fair enough you can’t really pick up flakes of pastry but that’s all the more reason to not eat things like that on public transport.

That’s my rant over for today, so have a nice weekend and I will be back in due course with my next commuter pet hate. Peace out.


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